The message of this mural is clear, that we have lost the ability to focus and pay attention to the things that truly matter in life. The man in the artwork, who is lying down with a blindfold, symbolises the loss of our ability to see the world around us. He is absorbed in a book, which represents the instant gratification that has become the norm in our lives. This instant gratification has taken away our focus and attention, making us blind to the world and everything in it.

The mural serves as a reminder that we need to take a step back and take time to appreciate the world around us. We need to put down our devices and focus on the things that truly matter. We need to read a book, enjoy a sunset, or simply take a walk in nature.

In conclusion, the mural by Mike Shankster is a powerful piece of street art that carries a deep message about the importance of focus and attention in our lives. It encourages us to slow down and appreciate the world around us, before it’s too late. Mural Painted by Australian Street Artist Mike Shankster.


Riverina Complex - South Bank

Project Date

March 2019
Mike Shankster - Blinded - Mural - South Bank 2

From a lifetime of making Art, Mike’s skill set is broad as is his range of creative influences. His driving passion for creating stemmed from an early love of comic books and cartoons and later developed to the influences of action sports, urban and rural landscapes, people and wildlife, concrete and culture.

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