This collab capsule draws inspiration from the playful nature of Japanese culture. “This piece centres around Niseko and fuses with a yōkai art twist. Yōkai, which translates to ‘bewitching apparition’ or ‘mysterious phenomena,’ is an integral part of Japanese folklore and is often depicted in art, literature, and popular culture. These supernatural creatures have been inspiring artists for centuries.

Objective – Develop a fun and engaging illustration with adaptability to various products. 

Product Application – Gloves, helmet wrap, goggle strap, proclava face mask, packaging and enclosed chopsticks.

Solution – A chaotic scene centred around Niseko Japan, encompassing yokaui elements aimed at a broad demographic in the snow industry. 



Project Date

March 2023


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    From a lifetime of making Art, Mike’s skill set is broad as is his range of creative influences. His driving passion for creating stemmed from an early love of comic books and cartoons and later developed to the influences of action sports, urban and rural landscapes, people and wildlife, concrete and culture.

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