Imagine a vibrant underwater mural specifically designed to captivate the imagination of children. This enchanting artwork immerses viewers in a colorful aquatic world filled with a myriad of fascinating marine creatures. From graceful dolphins gracefully gliding through the azure depths to playful clownfish darting among swaying coral reefs, every corner of this mural teems with life and excitement.

At the heart of the mural, a magnificent coral reef takes center stage, adorned with a kaleidoscope of hues and bustling with activity. Schooling fish of all shapes and sizes swirl around the intricate coral formations, while curious sea turtles gracefully navigate their way through the labyrinth of underwater wonders.

15m x 2.2m

Painted with Arina Apostolova.


Petes Swim School - Queanbeyan

Project Date

November 2023


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    From a lifetime of making Art, Mike’s skill set is broad as is his range of creative influences. His driving passion for creating stemmed from an early love of comic books and cartoons and later developed to the influences of action sports, urban and rural landscapes, people and wildlife, concrete and culture.

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