The “The Road Well Travelled” mural by Mike Shankster is a tribute to the diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences of people in Australia. The artwork features an elderly man sitting on a suitcase, symbolising his lifelong journey and adventures.

Despite his advanced age, he is depicted as having a youthful and optimistic outlook, reflecting the idea that one’s experiences and perspectives can shape their outlook on life. The mural represents the richness of cultural heritage in Australia and the appreciation of the value of lived experience.



Project Date

November 2020
Mike Shankster - The road well travelled - Mural - Brisbane - Main 8
Mike Shankster - The road well travelled - Mural - Brisbane - Sub3

From a lifetime of making Art, Mike’s skill set is broad as is his range of creative influences. His driving passion for creating stemmed from an early love of comic books and cartoons and later developed to the influences of action sports, urban and rural landscapes, people and wildlife, concrete and culture.

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